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The National Network of Grantmakers (NNG) has developed a common application form. Even if your prospective funder doesn't accept this format, its a great tool to organize your thoughts as you launch new projects, programs, and even organizations. Check out the form, and let me know your...

  Getting funding from corporations may be a great opportunity for your organization, but you can damage your brand if you do not go about it the right way. You want to develop a prospect list of warm leads, prepare a strong proposal, and approach a sponsor, ultimately persuading them to support your cause or program. Here are 10 steps to attract corporate sponsors for your organization.

Corporate philanthropy and corporate sponsorship are not the same. Here are six distinctions: Corporate philanthropy is motivated by altruism. And supports a socially beneficial cause without financial or material reward to the corporation. Philanthropic gifts could include donations of money, goods, services, and time. Corporations...