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Are You On Track? NO? Do These 4 Things!

Are You On Track? NO? Do These 4 Things!

Over the past 18 years, I’ve helped my clients raise over $80 million dollars. During the early days of my career, I wasted time and other people’s money by taking a haphazard approach to securing corporate sponsorship. . Along the way I’ve learned a set of simple best practices for getting a corporate sponsor.  These are my top 4:

1. Rely on relationships

YOU have sponsorship prospects right now! “What No One Tells You About Your Current Prospects”  explains how to leverage your colleagues, stakeholders, and board to  target, meet, solicit and close sponsorship deals.

2. Offer real value!

Many of my clients are selling $1,000 tweets! Easily and often. How? They understand influence, value and what sells.  One of the most common proposal offerings is logo recognition. But think about it–does a large corporation really need your help with logo recognition?  Many sponsorship seekers mistakenly consider these empty offerings to be of top value.  Keep in mind: Your offerings MUST advance your prospective sponsors goals. 

3. Don’t waste time on fancy design

I CAN’T STRESS THIS POINT ENOUGH: Your proposal does not have to be fancy to be viewed favorably. If you have a connection to your sponsor they will consider your modestly designed proposal over the glossy, fancy proposal from someone they don’t know. PS- 90% of the sponsorship deals I’ve closed started through sending my prospect clear value based bullet points and hyperlinks to supporting materials. Just saying ;).

4. If you’re looking for fast money– you’ll have better luck playing poker.

I’ve closed dozens of sponsorship deals quickly. BUT–It typically takes between 7-10 interactions to close a deal. Your sponsorship prospect has internal meetings, bottlenecks, sign offs etc. The delays usually have  nothing to do with you/your brand.  Corporate Sponsorship is NOT a quick financial fix describes the sponsorship process and offers and tips for closing sponsorship deals faster.


Corporations spend billions of dollars partnering with people, organizations and brands that can help them reach their ideal customer.  Don’t miss out on getting your share. Here are some resources:

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With 18 years of fundraising and marketing experience, Anisha Robinson Keeys has helped clients raise over $80 million dollars.  Visit for an extended bio.
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